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  • Shigura

    Employee management system helps to track all the standard employee information, including addresses, phone numbers, salary and visa status history.

    • Automatically track candidates throughout the entire recruitment process.
    • Integrate sales and recruiting activity to help close jobs faster.
    • Efficiently manage candidate information and monitor recruiter activity.
    • Respond instantly to candidates and collaborate with team members.
    • Search for candidates and view resumes.
    • Adding and editing jobs, contacts, clients, and candidates.
    • View candidates, contacts, jobs, and placements.
  • Lead VMS

    Traditional staffing and recruiting software are not built to manage the complex, high volume MSP and VMS business model. Trying to use traditional staffing applications to track negotiated pricing and service levels, which vendors you sent a job to, and managing the influx of submittals from numerous vendors is down-right difficult to impossible. That's why with LeadIT's VMS, you can now easily manage client requirements and large pools of vendors to ensure you exceed service levels and client expectations.

    • Support vendor neutral and master vendor business models
    • Support multi-tier MSP programs
    • Track pricing and service levels
    • Publish jobs to vendors and internal recruiters, in tiers or at the same time
    • Communicate between vendor recruiters and vendor managers
    • Streamline vendor submittals and manage duplicates with ease
    • Provide unlimited candidate portals for entering timesheets and expenses
    • Provide unlimited vendor portals for receiving jobs, submitting and tracking candidates
    • Provide unlimited client portals for approving timesheets and expenses, receiving consolidated invoices and accessing client-specific reporting, including current job and candidate pipelines, total hours and spend, days-to-placement and diversity
  • License Lookup
    • License Lookup is a product that can be used to increase productivity for the inspectors
    • License Lookup can be used by citizens to search the details of a product and also lookup other locations where the product can be found
    • License Lookup can be used by businesses to proactively inspect the products themselves as well so that they comply with any licensing requirements that need to be met
  • CrashWarn

    CrashWarn is an Emergency Response seeking application that uses the sensors in an iPhone to detect if a person is involved in a motor vehicle collision. In such scenarios, the app sends SOS messages with GPS co-ordinates to a pre-defined list of numbers. The app rings for 30 seconds before alerting, to give an option to user stop it in case if it is a false alarm. With Every false alarm, we seek to take feedback from user as to what triggered this alert. We hope SwiftAlert saves lives by rushing medical attention to the distressed.

    1.Automatic text sent to emergency contacts in the event of an motor vehicle accident.
    2.Technology based on well researched algorithms based on the G force on impact. This algorithms will be tested in our customized robotics crash stimulations scenarios and will be fine tuned. In addition the feedback collected from the consumers with each false alarm will be utilized to improve the accuracy.
    3. Speed and G force are calculated based upon the sensors present in the iPhone, which minimizes the battery drainage compared to the applications which use GPS.
    4. The application is in a standby mode at base line and is smart to detect when a person is driving and will automatically be active at that time.
    5. Automatic transmission of the accident location/ GPS coordinates will help the EMS services to provide medical care promptly.


    MaaStars App, dubbed as the first app for South Indian cinema, is an official app of telugu movie industry. It was launched amidst a lot of glitz and publicity by Superstar Mahesh Babu. Like Hollywood, Tollywood too enjoys a huge fan base and South Indian cinema and its many stars have fanatic followers. The app launch caught a whiff of the same glamour and buzz that surrounded the audio launch of Tollywood superstar Krishna’s comeback film, held at the same date and place as part of the launch strategy. Following the success of its MaaStars website which has been inundated with visitors, Lead IT saw the MaaStars apps as the perfect next step to take to connect with MaaStar’s existing user base. The app is the destination is stay updated with the latest happenings in movie industry. The App is simultaneously launched for iOS & Android phones.

  • Santosham

    Santosham is a renowned name for movie buffs in south india. It’s a magazine which has survived the renaissance of telugu cinema. The magazine is popular for the quality in content and presentation. LeadIT corporation is chosen to help Santosham enter the new age by addressing the needs of the next generation movie lovers. The app also has FREE access to the latest editions of the magazine making it an attractive alternative to the physical newspaper. The App is simultaneously launched for iOS & Android phones.

Product Development Cycle

LeadIT Corporation's services assist companies in turning concepts into products using various value added offerings across the product development cycle.

LeadIT Corporation is a part of several product developments. Our professional design services aim to help our clients meet their demand by offering services for expert design, development, and product realization that accelerate the time it takes to market high quality embedded systems.

  • Conceptualization

    It all starts with SKETCH
    First we start visulization about your business & than comeup with ruougly wireframes so you can get idea how your products or projects will look before actual implimentation. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy textwhen an unknown printer took a galley specimen book.

  • Defining Requirement
  • Architectural Design
    Architectural Design
  • Software Development
    Software Development

    The Real Application Development
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  • Documentation
  • Maintenance
  • Piloting / Prototyping
  • System-Level Design
  • Integration & Testing
    Integration & Testing
  • Product Release
    Product Release
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