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Lead IT ensures that your existing applications stay relevant to today's business environment by improving the user experience, delivering better workflow and enabling integration with other systems. 

Recent innovations such as mobile devices and Cloud services provide significant business value when used in conjunction with your legacy systems.  Lead IT provides the skills and solutions that enable such a transformation journey.

Legacy Modernization can take many different forms but the essence is about delivering additional business benefit from existing systems.  Our aim is to help you drive profit improvement without needing to re-write or replace the legacy assets that currently run your business.  We enhance them in support of your evolving business environment.

  • Business Issue
  • Application re-write carries significant cost and risk
  • Maximize the value built into legacy systems
  • Ensuring the applications meet business needs
  • Systems cannot support speed of change within the business
  • Multiple systems existing as disconnected technology silos
  • Legacy flat file storage does not provide the flexibility, accessibility and robustness of a RDBMS
  • Lead IT Solution
  • Re-use existing systems logic with new interfaces, workflow and integrations. Large reduction in cost and complexity when compared to a re-write or the implementation of new package.
  • Rapidly extend and enhance your existing systems to support emerging business requirements.
  • Structured methodology and extensive product range ensures your existing systems stay relevant.
  • Legacy Modernization solutions using new technologies are rapidly deployed to support business agility.
  • Implement Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to provide a flexible, standards-based, environment to integrate existing mission critical applications with Web, Cloud, Java or .NET applications.
  • Lead IT bridges the gap between legacy applications and RDBMSs such as Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server, replacing older proprietary ISAM file handlers.

Lead IT can deliver modernization solutions through Legacy Mobilization, Cloud Integration, and replacement of the data layer, implementation of a web or Windows user interface, or integration into a SOA.

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