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  • Kolekt

    Kolekt is an online document certification based company. It helps universities, real estate people to stamp their documents by uploading the documents with the login access then documents will get verified, stamped and save them in drive or dropbox. All the stamped documents will be downloaded in pdf format as the owner of th kolekt you will be able to add new members to the kolekt and share the kolekt details. Persons related to the documents will be given access to view their documents, upload new documents, get them stamped,upload to drive or dropbox as an end user.

  • Tutorsweb

    LeadIT Corporation has developed Tutors Web™ a collaborative online educational platform for tutors to work with students in an interactive learning experience. TutorsWeb is a web based platform that provides world class education to students helping them to interact directly with their tutors, take notes and ask questions all in real time. The company's number one goal is to create a socially conscious site that promotes learning throughout the world.

    Traditional tutoring websites connect the tutor and student by phone or email. Currently no well-executed online educational platform exists that is both easy to use and socially conscious. Both students and parents are looking for cheaper and more convenient way to connect with tutors. With increasing competition to get into top schools, parents who can afford it, spend more time and money on their children's education in a hope to enroll their students into the best colleges.

    Our objective is to build an interactive e-learning application that provides a secure platform and acts as a bridge between the tutors and students. The application allows the students to take notes within the app, download course contest and rate their tutors for the classes they have enrolled in. The company also plans on fully utilizing social media as its main marketing strategy.

  • TripReviewer

    Tripreviewer an online consumer review and travel company. It helps people around the world plan and have the perfect trip by giving them access to the reviews and opinions of the millions of travelers who make up the global traveling community. Using state of the art software, TripReviewer will aggregate, reviews and opinions about destinations, accommodations including hotels, restaurants and activities throughout the world.

  • TripJudge

    Tripjudge an online review aggregation service for travelers and restaurants. It helps people the access to the reviews and opinions of the travelers and restaurants. Tripjudge will aggregate, reviews and opinions about destinations, accommodations including hotels, restaurants and activities throughout the world.

  • BetBomb is all of the excitement of betting on your favorite sports teams with none of the gamble. Players can make picks against real spreads, lines and totals for both major league and college sports. The service is absolutely free and players compete for terrific prizes. strives to be the greatest, most professional, totally free and most importantly completely legal betting site on the internet.

    Five1Eight Internet Media, LLC (F1E) founded out of necessity with the goal of constantly improving their service to meet and exceed the demands of today's highly sophisticated users. F1E was frustrated with the existing betting sites that are poorly designed and impossible to navigate. goes beyond the basics and offers groundbreaking features on a platform that will make users feel completely comfortable placing bets. It is a completely free site that allows you to place daily bets and keep statistics on how you are doing overall. gives you the ability to join tournaments to win real prizes at no cost. is not a gambling website. It's a free sports wagering website built for millions of sports fans to provide them with a platform to participate in picking games, track their statistics, and compete in tournaments without risking any money. The service is absolutely free for all users. The website offers tools and statistics to help players make better decisions. Participants can also refer friends, earning points every time a referral signs up. They can track their friends play, challenge them to bets, talk trash, participate in contests and communicate through an internal messaging system.

  • Doot

    Doot is the fun and exciting way to capture and relive life's moments WHERE they matter.
    Capture experiences and drop them at relevant places. Relive them next time you are there or share with your friends or share them with your friends so they get notified when they arrive at that location. Add an element of surprise to your friends' lives and make mundane social interactions more fun.

    You can automatically get notified when you are near a Doot that was shared by friends or people you follow. Never miss important moments in your life again.

  • Maa Stars

    LeadIT manages and maintains the official website of Movie Artists Association of Telugu Film Industry.

    Movie Artistes’ Association was formed on 04-10-1993 for Telugu Movies in South India. Movie Artistes are the first to raise to the occasion when ever the state faces any problem, such as floods, draught or any kind of natural calamity and the Artistes’ contribute in a generous way. They support artists through various initiatives, donations and charity. LeadIT Corporation manages and maintains the official website of Movie Artists Association of Telugu Film Industry. The site is up to date with the latest happenings in Telugu Movie industry.

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